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From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
Subject: American companies that offer to take Canadian sales tax payments
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Subject: American companies that offer to take Canadian sales tax payments
From: RichA <rander3128@gmail.com>
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The way it works is that you pay for an item from an American source, and include the sales tax
you'd normally pay once it reached you.  UPS, the post office, mostly always charge a tax, if the
item is over $50 in value (ballpark) and if it comes from an "official" (invoice is included) source
like a store.  I've had private sales go through Ebay where no tax was levied up to $300 value of
the item.  Now, Ebay has its "global shipping program" (items are shipped by the seller to Kentucky
where Pitney Bowes processes them, levying the end sales tax normally by the consumer paid to a
Canadian province and a supplemental fee as well.  It even shows as a separate billing from the
retail price and vendor on Paypal.
But companies like B&H have a system like it too.  The benefit is that there is no scam "brokerage
charge" (this is a sleazy charge levied in addition to the shipping charge when low-priced ground
services are used.  So you might as well go with an express service on cheap items).  You pay the
Canadian provincial tax up-front. But I'm wondering if the tax is actually fully-remitted to the tax
authorities in those provinces?  Apparently, a story appeared recently that some companies were
taking the tax but not remitting all of it.  I don't exactly know how that would be possible.