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Subject: Re: The viewfinder optics. Something mirrorless users should beaware of
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Subject: Re: The viewfinder optics. Something mirrorless users should be
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On Monday, 25 December 2017 19:48:20 UTC-5, RichA  wrote:
> I bought the first mirrorless (Panasonic G1) when it came out.  Even though it has a
low-resolution (460,000) EVF compared to modern cameras, it was never hard to focus because the
viewfinder optics were very sharp.  Fast-forward to the Olympus E-M5 which I dumped it for the
E-M5II as soon as the II was out, almost solely because of the poor viewfinder optical quality.  I
was never able to see a clearly-defined image compared to the lowly G1 viewfinder despite the E-M5's
resolution advantage.  That's the difference between resolution and sharpness.  The Panasonic GX8
has a fantastic viewfinder, high resolution, sharp and one of the largest in mirrorless.  A older
Sony NEX-7 I have has a decent viewfinder, but it's not in the league of the GX8 or E-M5II.  Read
the account below and you'll see why sheer resolution doesn't always mean a clear view.  I honestly
wish mfg's wouldn't skimp on the optics of the viewfinder.