From: Bill W <>
Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
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From: Bill W <>
Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
Date: Tue, 26 Dec 2017 13:43:05 -0800
Organization: A noiseless patient Spider
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On Tue, 26 Dec 2017 16:03:55 -0500, nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid>

>In article<>, Bill W
><> wrote:
>> But... Windows still sucks. I think. Repeated crashes and forced
>> restarts, especially when installing software, but at other random
>> times, also. 
>while windows has its issues, there shouldn't be any crashes at all,
>repeated or not.

Using it recently after I was done with everything, there haven't been
any crashes, but I haven't used it much. It might be okay, though.

>> At the same time, this laptop is not supported for
>> anything past Win 7 - no chipset updates at all. 
>that could be why you are having crashes.

It might also be why I have low read/write speeds - ~250 for each. 

>> So if you do have
>> some interest in trying the same thing, check to see what OS your
>> laptop supports. I think you can force Win 10 onto just about anything
>> that's not an antique, but you should expect problems. Mine seem to
>> have diminished considerably. Maybe Windows fixes itself. And if
>> you're happy with an earlier version of Windows, an SSD will almost
>> certainly be a huge improvement. 
>swapping an hd for an ssd has zero effect on the choice of os.
>if whatever is on there now works, it will work after the swap, just
>faster. it's just 'another sata drive'.

Right - that comment was mostly related to OS upgrades. As a corollary
to what you said, if you're having trouble with Win 10 on an older
laptop, those troubles will obviously continue with an SSD upgrade. My
crashes are probably rooted in the clean install, and the need to find
drivers all over again, along with getting all the settings right.