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Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
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From: nospam <nospam@nospam.invalid>
Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
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In article<>, Bill W<> wrote:

> >> At the same time, this laptop is not supported for
> >> anything past Win 7 - no chipset updates at all. 
> >
> >that could be why you are having crashes.
> It might also be why I have low read/write speeds - ~250 for each. 

250 of what units and what time frame? 
and how is the drive connected?

> >> So if you do have
> >> some interest in trying the same thing, check to see what OS your
> >> laptop supports. I think you can force Win 10 onto just about anything
> >> that's not an antique, but you should expect problems. Mine seem to
> >> have diminished considerably. Maybe Windows fixes itself. And if
> >> you're happy with an earlier version of Windows, an SSD will almost
> >> certainly be a huge improvement. 
> >
> >swapping an hd for an ssd has zero effect on the choice of os.
> >
> >if whatever is on there now works, it will work after the swap, just
> >faster. it's just 'another sata drive'.
> Right - that comment was mostly related to OS upgrades. As a corollary
> to what you said, if you're having trouble with Win 10 on an older
> laptop, those troubles will obviously continue with an SSD upgrade. 


> My
> crashes are probably rooted in the clean install, and the need to find
> drivers all over again, along with getting all the settings right. 

quite likely.