From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
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From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 15:10:10 +1100
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On 27/12/2017 7:27 @wiz, Bill W wrote:

> But... Windows still sucks. I think. Repeated crashes and forced
> restarts, especially when installing software, but at other random
> times, also. At the same time, this laptop is not supported for
> anything past Win 7 - no chipset updates at all. So if you do hav > some interest in trying the
same thing, check to see what OS your
> laptop supports. I think you can force Win 10 onto just about anything
> that's not an antique, but you should expect problems. 

My Samsung laptop can't be updated to Win10, apparently the wifi chipset 
it uses is not "compatible" with it, whatever that means for Microslop 
The end result is it will stay on win7Pro-64 for the foreseeable future. 
  Which will include an SSD for sure at some stage.

My work laptop is on Win10, it's a recent HP.  And it needs an update 
almost every week.  Good thing it's my employerpaying for the downloads, 
because I wouldn't!

Same for my desktop: the 3 year old mobo apparently is not "compatible" 

Microslop and wheir W10 can go jump in a lake, I'll stick to 7Pro-64.