From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: Weirdness of camera pricing
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From: Noons <>
Subject: Re: Weirdness of camera pricing
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 15:11:33 +1100
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On 26/12/2017 2:16 @wiz, RichA wrote:
> Olympus's E-M10III, a lesser camera than the E-M5II, is now $100.00 more expensive (in Canada)
because of discounts on the E-M5II. This kind of price difference is the strange part of the camera
world.  Pentax's admittedly overpriced KP costs more than the vastly higher-spec'd K3II.  Age of
models is the key thing here. Though you don't see this happening much with Canon an Nikon and Sony
has so many models that they all blur at the mid-end.

And that is why I've jumped off thios madness of constant upgrading.
My current digital camera is a EM5II and it will stay that way for a 
looooong time!