Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
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From: David Taylor <>
Subject: Re: Upgrade report - SSD & photo software
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2017 09:27:02 +0000
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On 27/12/2017 07:26, android wrote:

> I have W10 on my Acer notebook, a c2d with 8GB RAM... It's unbelivable 
> how slow it is compared to my old Mac Mini, another c2d but with OSX 
> Snow Leopard and 3GB in use.

Win-10 shouldn't be slow, especially with 8 GB memory.  I would check 
for any mis-configuration or unwanted processes (especially if it's a 
vendor's Win-10 rather than a plain version from Microsoft without all 
the junk-ware!).  Use the Task Manager to see what's eating all the CPU, 
memory, disk I/O etc.