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Subject: I am looking for a photo of the Soul
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Subject: I am looking for a photo of the Soul
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Religious people are always telling me they want to save my soul and
other stuff about souls. I told them that I want to see a picture of a
soul because I have never seen one. None of them could offer me that

I asked my doctor where the soul is located and if they had a photo on
one. The doctor said they do not have a picture of the soul either.

Wait a minute. Doctors can do surgery on almost every part of the body.
They have dismantled dead bodies many times and have photos or every
internal organ, muscle, bone, and more. How can they NOT have a photo of
the soul? 

If doctors so not have a picture of the soul, and religious leaders keep
talking about souls, but cant provide a picture of one. I am a little
confused and even sort of skeptical if there really is a soul. And if
there isn't one, those religious people are wasting a lot of time trying
to save something that dont even exist. 

However, not all the religious people can be wrong. Huge numbers of them
insist we all have souls. So, the time has come to get some actual
photos of the soul. 

Since there are a lot of photographers on this group, could some of you
take photos of the soul and post them on a website and put the URL here.
Maybe you can even sell them to the medical colleges and to some
religious leaders.