From: Mayayana <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: Apple played digital liberal nanny-stater, now faces several lawsuits
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From: "Mayayana" <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: Apple played digital liberal nanny-stater, now faces several lawsuits
Date: Thu, 28 Dec 2017 21:14:51 -0500
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"RichA"<> wrote

| That doing what they did was a mistake?  I don't CARE how the battery 
ages, I'm more concerned about the performance of the device.  Batteries (at 
a price) can be replaced, poor productivity costs more.
    They exploit their customers. Then they won't
talk about it. Nothing new there. Anyone who wants to
own their device doesn't buy Apple.

  Interestingly, this time they're deciding to back down.
Maybe they're scared at the shocking lack of interest
in iPhone 10. (Along with the trickle of articles pointing
out that a surprising percentage of the public is not falling
for the idiocy of computer watches.)

    Whatever the case, they're now offering
to provide battery replacements at a greatly reduced
charge, in an effort to convince people that they meant
well and weren't just scamming them. Their apology
is not very convincing, given that they've aparently
refused to answer complaints for years and only now,
facing numerous lawsuits, have they admitted to slowing
down phones. That doesn't sound like a company that
meant well.

  On the other hand, the Apple fans I know are probably
not disturbed. It's their money.