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Subject: Re: Apple cuts $50 off price for replacment phone batteries,sheepishly offers apology
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Subject: Re: Apple cuts $50 off price for replacment phone batteries,
sheepishly offers apology
From: RichA <>
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On Friday, 29 December 2017 13:20:55 UTC-5, Mayayana  wrote:
> "RichA"<> wrote
> | I'm not even saying their reasoning for slowing down the phones was wrong, 
> but they should have left it as an opinion.
> |
>  You meant "option"? In any case, they don't have a leg
> to stand on. People have been complaining for years.
> There are 8 lawsuits. Yet in all that time Apple refused
> to even acknowledge what they were doing, much less
> explain or provide an end-user option.
>   If I find a stranger in my house I assume he's broken
> in. What if he says he just came in because he thought
> he saw a window unlocked and decided to check them all?
> ....But he only admits he broke into my house after I've
> called the police....
>    Maybe he was telling the truth. But he lied, hid the facts,
> and went onto my property without permission. He only
> admitted breaking in when he no longer had a choice.
> That's Apple's situation. I don't think they're just dutifully
> checking window locks, but that's really an academic
> question. They're guilty of trespass, tampering and lying.

I think there were two reasons they did it:
1.  300-500 dead to full charge cycles is enough to hobble a lithium battery, even without fast
charging and this would undoubtedly produce warranty issues with people who do a lot of charging. $$$
2.  It does make people want to go to a new phone if they perceive that their current phone is "too