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Subject: Re: I am looking for a photo of the Soul
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From: Old Geezerr <>
Subject: Re: I am looking for a photo of the Soul
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On Wed, 27 Dec 2017 06:56:30 -0600, brandy009@thenet.non wrote:

>Religious people are always telling me they want to save my soul and
>other stuff about souls. I told them that I want to see a picture of a
>soul because I have never seen one. None of them could offer me that
>I asked my doctor where the soul is located and if they had a photo on
>one. The doctor said they do not have a picture of the soul either.
>Wait a minute. Doctors can do surgery on almost every part of the body.
>They have dismantled dead bodies many times and have photos or every
>internal organ, muscle, bone, and more. How can they NOT have a photo of
>the soul? 
>If doctors so not have a picture of the soul, and religious leaders keep
>talking about souls, but cant provide a picture of one. I am a little
>confused and even sort of skeptical if there really is a soul. And if
>there isn't one, those religious people are wasting a lot of time trying
>to save something that dont even exist. 
>However, not all the religious people can be wrong. Huge numbers of them
>insist we all have souls. So, the time has come to get some actual
>photos of the soul. 
>Since there are a lot of photographers on this group, could some of you
>take photos of the soul and post them on a website and put the URL here.
>Maybe you can even sell them to the medical colleges and to some
>religious leaders.

  People also have a mind, an imagination and a conscience( maybe ).
  Can you produce a picture of them??


 There goes the happy moron.
 He doesn't give a damn.
 Gee I wish I was a moron.
 My God, maybe I am