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Subject: Re: Nikon D850 is Camera of the Year in Japan
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Subject: Re: Nikon D850 is Camera of the Year in Japan
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On Sunday, 31 December 2017 07:44:37 UTC-5, nospam  wrote:
> In article<>,
> Sandman<> wrote:
> > <>
> > 
> >    "The Nikon D850 is a full-frame DSLR camera with a first-ever
> >     back-illuminated image sensor for vast image quality improvement.
> >     The sensor was the first to achieve 100 points on DXO."
> dxo numbers are meaningless and 100 is not perfect. the scores can (and
> do) go higher). 
> the iphone x achieved a 101, as did the pentax and hasselblad medium
> format cameras, and you can be certain that they don't produce the same
> image quailty. the red helium scored 108.
> they also rated the nikon d850 with 14.8 stops of dynamic range, a
> mathematical impossibility.
> dxo is best ignored.

Especially when they link lens quality to performance based on the sensor it's in front of.  Ask any
professional optician if lenses "change" quality magically.
In other words, you can slap a Zeiss OTUS lens on a old Panasonic G1 10mp m4/3rds and pronounce it
the worst lens yet tested.  That's DXO.