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Subject: Re: Re: Nikon D850 is Camera of the Year in Japan
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Subject: Re: Re: Nikon D850 is Camera of the Year in Japan
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On Jan 1, 2018, Sandman wrote
(in article<>):

> In article<>,
> Savageduck wrote:
> > > Sandman:
> > > <>
> >
> > > "The Nikon D850 is a full-frame DSLR camera with a first-ever
> > > back-illuminated image sensor for vast image quality improvement.
> > > The sensor was the first to achieve 100 points on DXO."
> >
> > All very nice, but as a hobbyist, amateur photographer, is this a
> > camera I must have?
> > I don’t believe so.
> Of course not, nor is anyone saying it is. You must have the D500 :) Just
> kidding, just must have whatever camera feels best for you. I just think the
> D850 is a pretty big deal and an interesting product in the supposedly
> "dying" DSLR market.

Yup! I agree with all that, there is no denying the quality, and capability 
of both the D500, and the D850. If Nikon had released the D500 as a D300S 
successor two years earlier than they did, I might well be using one today 
rather than making my move to the Fujifilm X-Camera system. I am quite happy 
with my X-T2.