Subject: Re: "G-g-global warm-m-ming!"
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From: Neil <>
Subject: Re: "G-g-global warm-m-ming!"
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2018 17:37:43 -0500
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On 1/1/2018 11:14 AM, RichA wrote:
> On Sunday, 31 December 2017 16:40:45 UTC-5, Neil  wrote:
>> On 12/31/2017 4:30 PM, Savageduck wrote:
>>> On Dec 31, 2017, RichA wrote
>>> (in article<>):
>>>> Toronto lakefront. Lake freezes all the way from the city to Centre Island.
>>>> Predictions are Niagara Falls and all of Lake Erie may freeze over.
>> It's typical for Lake Erie to freeze over as it's only about 60' at its
>> deepest.
> 200ft.  60ft is the average.  It doesn't always freeze. Also, a lot of it freezes, but I don't
think it's ever been 100% of the surface.  But I figure it must have because there have been cold
spells in the past.
OK... Still, there are many years when ice breakers are used to cut a 
channel through the completely frozen lake. Also, that 210' depth is in 
the east end of the lake, where the lake effect snowfall causes cities 
and towns to deal with 5' or more in a single day of snow. Get enough 
days of that and the lake freezes over.

best regards,