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Subject: Re: Printer advice
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In article <p2jb40$p1c$>, philo<>

> I am looking to replace my Epson P600
> It's only three years old but clogs often and takes a lot of ink to clear.

then something is wrong.

what type of ink are you using?

> My previous printer was an Epson and worked flawlessly for six years or 
> more.

as it should.

> At one time Epson was supposed to be a top of the line printer, but now 
> most of my friends who do this professionally say I really should look 
> into Canon.

they're mistaken.

> It will be used for color and B&W printing, no larger than 13" X 19".

there are many options that can print that size, and if you're going to
do a lot of b/w and want the best results, you should get a *separate*
printer dedicated to b/w using custom b/w inks.

> I do not need and "fancy" features such as roll printing, wireless or 
> network capabilities.

network is not 'fancy' and since you have more than one computer,
having it on the network would be vital. 

> Quality of the print is what's important.

then epson is your only option.

> NOTE: Perhaps just some pointers to how to troubleshoot my current 
> printer might be all that's needed

are you using genuine epson ink or noname third party ink? if the
latter, that's your answer.

do you shut off the printer via its own switch or via an external power
strip? if you do the latter, the heads won't properly park, risking

or it could just be defective.