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On Jan 3, 2018, philo wrote
(in article <p2jb40$p1c$>):

> I am looking to replace my Epson P600
> It's only three years old but clogs often and takes a lot of ink to clear.

If that is happening then something is very wrong. The P600 is a very good, 
and generally trouble free photoprinter. The current generation of Epson 
inks, even in smaller cartriges seldom clog. If you are using Epson inks 
there is more than likely some other source for the problem. I would 
recommend contacting Epson to see if they have a solution. The P600 is as you 
know an $800 printer not a disposable cheapie, so I would look beyond 
clogging inks to something servicable to provide a fix.
> My previous printer was an Epson and worked flawlessly for six years or
> more.

My current photoprinter is an Epson R2880, much older than your P600, running 
on an older generation of Epson inks. I have yet to experience a clog.
> At one time Epson was supposed to be a top of the line printer, but now
> most of my friends who do this professionally say I really should look
> into Canon.

Your Epson P600 is still a top of the line printer. I do not know what Canon 
is doing now, but I abandoned my $800 Canon i9900 because I could never 
obtain color fidelity with it, even using correct icc profiles. A true black 
was never attained with my Canon printer.
> It will be used for color and B&W printing, no larger than 13" X 19".

Your P600 serviced, or a P400 is what I would be looking at, but before 
spending $600 on a P400 see what a service, or fix for your P600 would cost.
> Right now I am looking at the specs for both the ip8720 and P400 any recommendations?

If I had to choose between those two I would go with the P400.
> I do not need and "fancy" features such as roll printing, wireless or
> network capabilities.

One you get into the price range you are looking at all of those options are 
going to be on the table.
> Quality of the print is what's important.

First see if your P600 can be saved. If not go with a P400 if you can find 
one. The print quality of either one is going to be identical, and very good.

As a last resort, and if cost is of no concern, then consider looking at an 
Epson P800, which is large format, and top of the line, but will not provide 
better quality prints than your P600, or a P400, and is twice the price of a 
> Thanks
> NOTE: Perhaps just some pointers to how to troubleshoot my current
> printer might be all that's needed