From: philo <>
Subject: Re: Printer advice
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From: philo <>
Subject: Re: Printer advice
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 16:29:06 -0600
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On 1/3/2018 3:05 PM, Savageduck wrote:
> On Jan 3, 2018, philo wrote
> (in article <p2jb40$p1c$>):
>> I am looking to replace my Epson P600
>> It's only three years old but clogs often and takes a lot of ink to clear.
> If that is happening then something is very wrong. The P600 is a very good,
> and generally trouble free photoprinter. The current generation of Epson
> inks, even in smaller cartriges seldom clog. If you are using Epson inks
> there is more than likely some other source for the problem. I would
> recommend contacting Epson to see if they have a solution. The P600 is as you
> know an $800 printer not a disposable cheapie, so I would look beyond
> clogging inks to something servicable to provide a fix.

OK. We only use Epson ink so I guess I will contact Epson before I just 
go out and buy another printer. Thank you.
>> My previous printer was an Epson and worked flawlessly for six years or
>> more.
> My current photoprinter is an Epson R2880, much older than your P600, running
> on an older generation of Epson inks. I have yet to experience a clog.
>> At one time Epson was supposed to be a top of the line printer, but now
>> most of my friends who do this professionally say I really should look
>> into Canon.
> Your Epson P600 is still a top of the line printer. I do not know what Canon
> is doing now, but I abandoned my $800 Canon i9900 because I could never
> obtain color fidelity with it, even using correct icc profiles. A true black
> was never attained with my Canon printer.
>> It will be used for color and B&W printing, no larger than 13" X 19".
> Your P600 serviced, or a P400 is what I would be looking at, but before
> spending $600 on a P400 see what a service, or fix for your P600 would cost.
>> Right now I am looking at the specs for both the ip8720 and P400 any recommendations?
> If I had to choose between those two I would go with the P400.
>> I do not need and "fancy" features such as roll printing, wireless or
>> network capabilities.
> One you get into the price range you are looking at all of those options are
> going to be on the table.
>> Quality of the print is what's important.
> First see if your P600 can be saved. If not go with a P400 if you can find
> one. The print quality of either one is going to be identical, and very good.
> As a last resort, and if cost is of no concern, then consider looking at an
> Epson P800, which is large format, and top of the line, but will not provide
> better quality prints than your P600, or a P400, and is twice the price of a
> P400.
> <>
>> Thanks
>> NOTE: Perhaps just some pointers to how to troubleshoot my current
>> printer might be all that's needed