Subject: Re: Olympus Leads the Japanese MILC Run
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Subject: Re: Olympus Leads the Japanese MILC Run
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 20:36:31 -0500
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On 1/17/2018 1:33 AM, android wrote:
> It's still a prosumer game...
> <>
I think it's interesting that this topic goes on and on about camera 
makes *other* than Olympus. I take it that there aren't many (if any) 
Olympus users in this group, so I'll chime in with my 2 cents.

In film cameras, I have 3 makes: Olympus, Leica and Rolleiflex. I was 
always drawn to Olympus' superior technology when it came to compact 
design (OM-1, very durable, compact and reliable) metering (OM-4 is 
unique in this respect), and image quality. Its lenses aren't the best 
that I have, but then I have lenses for my Leica and Rollei that each 
cost more than a few entire Olympus kits. However, unlike my Zeiss, 
Leica and Schneider lenses, the Olympus' delivers consistent contrast 
over the range of stops. I realize this implies some compromises, but it 
makes it easier to use DOF as the primary variable when framing and 

In digital cameras, I have Nikon and Olympus. The Olympus is superior in 
every way, from the available options to the structure of its menu, 
making significant changes easy and fast.

So, it doesn't surprise me in the least that those who are dedicated to 
photography find themselves drawn to the Olympus line.

best regards,