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Subject: Re: Nanny-state loving park a---holes ban tripods
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On Jan 17, 2018, RichA wrote
(in article<>):

> I can see this in a crowded place like a museum, but a frigging park??! The
> U.S. has become such a litigious Hell-hole that everyone is terrified of the
> potential of any kind of accident. A nation of risk-takers and winners has
> become wussville.
> <

Note that this restriction is limited to Zion NP, and does not expand to 
other National Parks. If you have ever visited Zion you might have a better 
idea of the congestion issues on the Valley floor, in the slot canyons, and 
on the precarious hikes on the canyon walls. As a regular visitor to many 
National Parks I have never had issues using a tripod. That said I haven’t 
visited Zion for some time, and there are obviously rule changes which need 
to be made due to the increase in popularity of the place.

If you want to see a place where there is bizarre control over photographers, 
and photography workshops try a visit to Antelope Canyon and the other 
photogenic sites under control of the Navajo Nation. If you take a regular 
Antelope Canyon tour you will not be permitted to take a tripod, and the 
scenes in the slot canyon are over crowded. To get the crowd free shots and 
use a tripod you have to sign up and pay for one of the Navajo guided photo 
groups, which will make a determination with regard to your camera equipment 
before allowing into the group. Now I see that those locations have become so 
overcrowded and the Navajo Nation has stopped/restricted the various Antelope 
Canyon photography tours.