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On Friday, 19 January 2018 05:49:11 UTC, android  wrote:
> Everyone knows that the number four means death in Asian cultures,

Yes it can mean bad luck or death, I foirst found this out when I allocated cupboard 44 to a chinese
student, she didn't seem to like the idea so I ask her what cupboard number she'd like and she chose
the next closest cupboard which was 38. I'd also allow anyone that didn't want cupboard 13 to have
another number of they wished, but with limited number of cupboards not evetyone can have their
prefered or not prefered number.

>  but did you know eight means fullfillment and bliss? Well, it
>  does! And there are TWO eights in todays date...

I got a postcard from the student from bejing a 3D postcard from their olympic venue in 2008 didnlt
it open on the 8th Augest at 8am or something.

> They are dancing in the streets all over easten Asia. What's your
>  plans for the 18/8/8?

for me pretty much the same as 14/4/4   and similar on  friday 13th.

I find it strange that people have lucky and unlucky numbers.