From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: OT: Happy Eight Day
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From: android <here@there.was>
Subject: Re: OT: Happy Eight Day
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 13:16:36 +0100
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On 2018-01-19 11:35:09 +0000, Whisky-dave said:

> On Friday, 19 January 2018 05:49:11 UTC, android  wrote:
>> Everyone knows that the number four means death in Asian cultures,
> Yes it can mean bad luck or death, I foirst found this out when I 
> allocated cupboard 44 to a chinese student, she didn't seem to like the 
> idea so I ask her what cupboard number she'd like and she chose the 
> next closest cupboard which was 38. I'd also allow anyone that didn't 
> want cupboard 13 to have another number of they wished, but with 
> limited number of cupboards not evetyone can have their prefered or not 
> prefered number.
>> but did you know eight means fullfillment and bliss? Well, it
>> does! And there are TWO eights in todays date...
> I got a postcard from the student from bejing a 3D postcard from their 
> olympic venue in 2008 didnlt it open on the 8th Augest at 8am or 
> something.
>> They are dancing in the streets all over easten Asia. What's your
>> plans for the 18/8/8?
> for me pretty much the same as 14/4/4   and similar on  friday 13th.
> I find it strange that people have lucky and unlucky numbers.

In the news 24/4/1: The end of the world is near... ;-ppp
teleportation kills