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On Jan 19, 2018, Peter Jason wrote
(in article<>):

> ...of about 30 people, in sunshine with kids and dog, what is the best
> sequence of treatment?

A little more explanation on your part is needed:

Are you actually using Photoshop?

How much adjusting/editing experience do you have using Photoshop?

Is this a single image of a group, or is it a series of photos of groups of 
> 1/ Crop to 6 x 4 ratio (A4 approx)

Leave resizing/cropping until you have finished with all but sharpening.
> 2/ Adjust levels,
> 3/ Dodge &  burn pale/swarthy faces.

If you must, but be careful, and do that work on seperate layers.
> 4/ Sharpen locally or totally.

You will probably need to sharpen selectively, as over sharpening of faces is 
not desirable.
> 5/ Annotate with text layer.
> 6/ Vibrance.

Why would you need vibrance?
Just because it is available doesn’t mean it should be used.

With skin tones and faces, saturation and vibrance are adjustments you should 
use very cautiously, if at all.

If you actually need this, consider adding vibrance on an adjustment layer 
before sharpening. Doing it that way you can tone the effect down by 
adjusting the layer opacity down.
> Is this OK? Also I have to graft myself into the picture so if I
> just match head size is this OK?

If you are building a composite by adding your image, consider doing that on 
a layer earlier in your adjustment so that the selection will be less obvious 
and blend in better.