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Subject: How to undamage the camera?
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Subject: How to undamage the camera?
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2018 14:48:10 -0500
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It turns out I left my beloved point & shoot camera in the trunk of my
car, from Thanksgiving day until today.   I last used it half-way back
from Florida, and I've been in Baltimore, Md. where it's rained on a few
days and the temp was down to 10F at night on several days in a row. 

OTOH, the trunk is dry, no condensation like in a previous car, the
carpet is dry, the cordboard boxes are like new, and the outside of the
camera, including the leaves that cover the lens, look no different than
before.   A Samsung WB35F, and was in a little, partly closed woven
polyester or nylon bag. 

Have I damaged the camera.  Or do I need to take any precaution to avoid
damaging it now?   I took it out of the car to a 70^F house.  

Do I need to wait before I use it.