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Subject: Re: Photoshopping large groups.....
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Peter Jason:
> ...of about 30 people, in sunshine with kids and dog, what is the best
> sequence of treatment?
> 1/	Crop to 6 x 4 ratio (A4 approx)
> 2/	Adjust levels,
> 3/	Dodge & burn pale/swarthy faces.
> 4/	Sharpen locally or totally.
> 5/	Annotate with text layer.
> 6/	Vibrance.
> Is this OK?   Also I have to graft myself into the picture so if I
> just match head size is this OK?

I can't help you with the present photo without having the full-resolution raw available. I can,
however, help you with the next one.

Don't let the light control you; control the light. For 30 people I would use two studio strobes
with soft boxes or umbrellas. If I didn't have access to studio strobes I would use two or three
Canon 600EX-RT speedlites with diffusers and wireless TTL. If outdoors, the group would face away
from the sun and the camera and strobes would face the sun. I would use a wireless remote shutter
release; you'll likely have a hell of a time putting yourself in the photo with Photoshop.

If this is a once-in-a-while thing, get powerful speedlites that are compatible with your camera. If
this is a common thing, get a pair of Profoto B1's and the Profoto wireless remote.