Subject: Re: The Race for The FF MILC is ON!
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From: David Taylor <>
Subject: Re: The Race for The FF MILC is ON!
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 10:51:17 +0000
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On 20/01/2018 16:30, android wrote:
> We've heard 'bout the Nikon Z FF mount 16mm flange! Could be a winner... 
> But now Canon seem to be entering the game with a FF EOS M!!! 18mm 
> flange but the concept is proven!!!
> <>
> What is "Flange"?
> <>

Personally, I don't see sufficient advantage in full-frame MILC if new 
lenses are required.  Is the size and weight reduction a significant 
gain?  What else?

For my own needs MFT is quite adequate, and I could never go back to FF.