Subject: Re: The Race for The FF MILC is ON!
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From: David Taylor <>
Subject: Re: The Race for The FF MILC is ON!
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2018 11:45:34 +0000
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On 21/01/2018 11:08, android wrote:
> The size and weight can be reducedĀ  and and image quality improved since 
> the nodal point can be moved closer to the sensor giving the enginers 
> more options in the lens design.

Yes, wide-angle lenses could be better (although likely not cheaper!) 
with FF MILC, I agree.  But otherwise I see very little gain.

Had Nikon/Canon offered FF/APS-C several years back it /might/ have been 
different, but I feel they've missed the boat, now.  Unless many 
professionals are demanding MILC, that is.