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Subject: Re: Renovation of a photograph
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Subject: Re: Renovation of a photograph
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On 22/01/2018 23:25, nospam wrote:
> In article <IIt9C.742728$aI1.621339@fx23.fr7>, David B.
><> wrote:
>>>>> David B.<> wrote:
>>>>>>>> Thank you so much for your link. I've been there to have a quick
>>>>>>>> look and have also enroled on the forum. I'll be returning for sure!
>>>>>>> those poor people.
>>>>>> Read here!
>>>> too.63905/
>>>>> and the trolling begins there.
>>>> It's already started -- and apparently ended. His link above results in:
>>>>      Oops! We ran into some problems.
>>>>      The requested thread could not be found.
>>>> LOL!  Kicked out and banned already!!!
>>> awesome.
>>> i did see the thread. he was asking who owns the site and how it's
>>> funded, completely irrelevant rubbish, as is typical for him.
>> It's NOT irrelevant, just sensible.
> it's not the least bit sensible. it's none of your business unless that
> information is volunteered in some way.

It's not a FREE BBS - someone is paying for it!

Perhaps a philanthropist, but it would be comforting to know the truth.

> you were trolling, which is why the moderators killed the thread.

Nope. You're wrong!

>> Read here:-
> apparently, you're continuing to troll there, which will likely result
> in a ban, thereby relieving the people of the site from your bullshit.

You may follow the conversation here if you wish:-

David B.