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Subject: Re: Your computer will be slllowwwwing dooowwwnnnnnn....
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Subject: Re: Your computer will be slllowwwwing dooowwwnnnnnn....
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On 21/01/2018 18:36, RichA wrote:
> It's going to be the "frog in slowly heating water" for us.  We won't notice much until one day we
say, "Hey!  I can't stream 4K programming anymore, and HD is sporadic and processing 100 RAW photos
is taking me until 8:30 when I used to be finished at 7:30!"

Come back when you have the evidence for that.

By the time that happens likely we'll all be using processors with the 
bug removed (and so much faster in any case).  For many of my purposes, 
today's computers are fast enough, although I don't shoot raw, and I 
avoid slow and expensive software!