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Subject: Re: CC 2018 19.1.0 AI Select Subject Ruins Things
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Subject: Re: CC 2018 19.1.0 AI Select Subject Ruins Things
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On Jan 23, 2018, Tony Cooper wrote
(in article<>):

> Yeah. Ruins it for those of us who have worked hard to acquire some
> skills at selecting a subject the old way. We used to be able to
> create a selection with the precision that the less-skilled user
> couldn't. Now, it's dead simple for anyone.
> I just updated to the new version and gave Select Subject a run in a
> couple of images. It is damned near a one-click procedure. I tried
> on a good photograph of a group of people, but with a very complex
> background. Almost perfect.
> A few places to touch up after OKing it and going to Select and Mask.
> Where the figures in the group overlap in part, the area between them
> where they don't overlap might need revising.
> I also used it on a close-up of a grandson who was wearing a
> sweatshirt with two very strong colors (dark blue and yellow) and it
> only selected one part of the sweatshirt. It included the blue but
> thought the yellow was background. Again, easy to fix with the plus
> tool.
> I even tried on that restoration image I did for David B. Since
> that's a sepia image, the process couldn't find the edges for about
> 50% of the figure. It needs demarcation to find the edge. Still, I
> could extract the figure after a little fiddling around.
> Usually, when I work with a complicated* selection, I do a loose
> selection, and then use my Wacom tablet and zoom way in using a Layer
> Mask to add/remove. I find that to be a quicker way than dicking
> around adding/removing with the Quick Selection to.
> Using Select Subject I can make the same selection using a mouse and
> not zooming in. I just pick up the Wacom pen for the minor clean-up.
> *By "complicated" I mean extracting a figure where the background is
> multi-colored and contains the same or similar colors as in the
> figure. The Quick Selection tool has trouble with this.
> I was a late-comer to Adobe's Subscription program, but I paid $9.99
> last month, and will pay $9.99 this month and I have an upgrade that I
> consider to be a major advantage. I was just notified of my
> anniversary of signing up, and the rate remains the same.

Onward, and upward. I have yet to find a dissadvantage to that $9.99/month 
subscription. That is, for those of us who can actually use, or learn to use 
those tools.