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Subject: Re: This amazing wilderness timelapse of Canada took 6 weeks to shootand 9 months to edit
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Subject: Re: This amazing wilderness timelapse of Canada took 6 weeks to shoot
and 9 months to edit
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On 24/01/2018 10:08, Whisky-dave wrote:
> On Wednesday, 24 January 2018 06:24:51 UTC, Sandman  wrote:
>> <
>> weeks-shoot-9-months-edit>
>>     "Every once in a while, a timelapse comes along that just takes
>>     your breath away. You could take almost any frame from such films
>>     and it stands up on its own as a still photography. Alive, by
>>     German filmmaker Florian “Flo” Nick, is one such timelapse
>>     film. It was shot over 5,500km travelled in six weeks exploring the
>>     vast landscapes of Alberta and British Columbia. And it’s is
>>     absolutely beautiful."
>> -- 
>> Sandman
> As yet I've not been able to find out what process i.e software he used for this, plenty of info
on what cameras and lenses, maybe I've missed it.

Do any of the comments under the video provide the information you seek, 

I thought the film truly amazing and showed viewers what an awesome 
place is Canada.

The film *maker* has done a splendid job - in my opinion! :-)

David B.