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From: David B. <DavidB@nomail.afraid.org>
Subject: Time-lapse photography
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From: "David B." <DavidB@nomail.afraid.org>
Subject: Time-lapse photography
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"This vid was posted on FB by Ed Piotrowski of WPDE. I'm assuming its a 
TV station in the area of the storm. About the video, he says "This is 
by far the coolest time lapse video I've seen from the Blizzard of 2016. 
Wayne Bennett's camera took one photo every two minutes for nearly 27 
hours. He captures 40" of snow over 40 seconds in Martinsburg, WV. 
Thanks Regina Willis." So I post here for all of you to enjoy, also. It 
is definitely an awesome time-lapse video."

That is a comment under this video!


I've never seen so much snow!

David B.