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On Jan 25, 2018, David B. wrote
(in article <eykaC.618103$SF3.128888@fx28.fr7>):

> "This vid was posted on FB by Ed Piotrowski of WPDE. I'm assuming its a
> TV station in the area of the storm. About the video, he says "This is
> by far the coolest time lapse video I've seen from the Blizzard of 2016.
> Wayne Bennett's camera took one photo every two minutes for nearly 27
> hours. He captures 40" of snow over 40 seconds in Martinsburg, WV.
> Thanks Regina Willis." So I post here for all of you to enjoy, also. It
> is definitely an awesome time-lapse video."
> That is a comment under this video!
> I've never seen so much snow!

If it is timelapse work you enjoy, try this little example of what can be 
done with an iPad and some skill.