From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Time-lapse photography
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From: Tony Cooper <>
Subject: Re: Time-lapse photography
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2018 17:49:42 -0500
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On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 19:56:48 +0000, "David B."<> wrote:

>On 25/01/2018 18:23, Tony Cooper wrote:
>> On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 13:10:41 -0500, nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid>
>> wrote:
>>> In article <cYoaC.633341$r_4.304760@fx27.fr7>, David B.
>>><> wrote:
>>>>>> I don't think I've told you that my sister is an artist. She'll be
>>>>>> enthrawled when I show her this video!
>>>>> then why didn't you have her retouch your photo?
>>>> I'm sure she could do a first class job of so-doing but we're working
>>>> here on photography, not art.
>>> photography is art
>> And in your case, artless.
>Heartless? Maybe that's what you meant! ;-)
>You were most kind to help me.
>Here's the outcome of your advice, Tony:-
>Thanks again.

Interesting.  Argos brought out the backdrop details of the photo, and
I didn't even see them on the version I worked on.  The restoration of
the subject himself was relatively easy from the photo provided in the
original post.

The background and table/plant details were only visible in the newer

You've learned something here.  With any future project, scan at as
high a resolution as your equipment will allow.  Scan to a .tiff
instead of a .jpg if you can.  

Someone in this thread said people were "suckered into" doing the
restoration.  That person - as evidenced in all of his posts - doesn't
understand the concept of doing a project like this for someone else
is an enjoyable challenge to many.  But, then, we all know that he
participates here only when he wants to argue about something or
express some form of disagreement.  
Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida