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Subject: Re: Time-lapse photography
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On 1/25/2018 6:01 PM, David B. wrote:
> On 25/01/2018 22:54, nospam wrote:
>> In article<>, Tony Cooper
>><> wrote:
>>> Someone in this thread said people were "suckered into" doing the
>>> restoration.  That person - as evidenced in all of his posts - doesn't
>>> understand the concept of doing a project like this for someone else
>>> is an enjoyable challenge to many.  But, then, we all know that he
>>> participates here only when he wants to argue about something or
>>> express some form of disagreement.
>> more ad hominem, which is all you do.
> I don't think you understand peeople at all.
> Tony is worth 10 of you.

Not true at all. Tony Cooper is a worthwhile, and interesting 
contributor. Since 10*0=0, I cannot agree with your statement.

>> it has absolutely nothing to do with enjoyable challenges. the original
>> poster is a troll and you fell for it. simple as that.
> Balderdash! *YOU* are the Troll 'nospam'.
> There's no question about it! :-P