From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: Time-lapse photography
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From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: Time-lapse photography
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On Fri, 26 Jan 2018 07:16:51 +0000, "David B."<> wrote:

>On 26/01/2018 02:39, nospam wrote:
>> In article<>, Tony Cooper
>><> wrote:
>>>>> Someone in this thread said people were "suckered into" doing the
>>>>> restoration.  That person - as evidenced in all of his posts - doesn't
>>>>> understand the concept of doing a project like this for someone else
>>>>> is an enjoyable challenge to many.  But, then, we all know that he
>>>>> participates here only when he wants to argue about something or
>>>>> express some form of disagreement.
>>>> more ad hominem, which is all you do.
>>> If the shoe fits.
>> it doesn't fit at all.
>Why yes - yes it does!
>>>> it has absolutely nothing to do with enjoyable challenges. the original
>>>> poster is a troll and you fell for it. simple as that.
>>> Q.E.D.  The only reason for this post of yours is to argue or express
>>> disagreement.
>> your posts today were nothing more than to insult me. they served no
>> other purpose.
>> i wasn't disagreeing with anyone or anything.
>Nonsense. It's what you do.
>>> I don't know what David B does in other newsgroups, and don't care.
>>> He's done nothing in this newsgroup that bothers me.
>> how quickly you forget.
>> last summer, he crossposted to a number of irrelevant groups, causing a
>> significant disruption here, and i recall you being among those who
>> complained.
>If I choose to cross-post it is MY business, not yours. No-one is 
>obliged to READ what I write.

But they may find they are reading replies heading off at a tangent
from irrelevant groups which have nothing to do with the the purpose
of this group. We have had several examples of your fans from elswhere
pursuing you into this group. Having said that, there is no objection
to cross posting to groups to whom the topic is relevant.
>>> He had a genuine request and a genuine need, and that's all that
>>> matters to me.
>> those who have seen his posts and antics know it was anything *but*
>> genuine.
>You are wrong, yet again, 'nospam'.
>My request was 100% genuine and I am very pleased with the outcome.


Eric Stevens