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Subject: Re: Time-lapse photography
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Subject: Re: Time-lapse photography
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On 26/01/2018 09:34, nospam wrote:
> In article <7kCaC.530046$NT1.81945@fx29.fr7>, David B.
><> wrote:
>>>> My request was 100% genuine
>>> no it wasn't. your original request claimed to want to learn how to do
>>> it yourself. that was bullshit. you had *zero* intention of learning.
>>> when you 'enrolled' (your words) at the photoshop forum, your first
>>> question was not about retouching, but how the site made money.
>> You are wrong - yet again.
>> I asked who was paying to run the forum, and why.
> in other words, not wrong.

Sadly, you completely miss the point. :-(

> you went there to troll, not to learn.

Once again you are mistaken. :-(

I went there, at Tony's suggestion, to ask if anyone could help with 
renovation of an old photograph of my granddad.

They did! :-)

Photos - there's two, one Sepia, one B&W

In granddad's left hand is what is known as a 'Swagger Stick'!

You can read about them here:-

So, granddad wan't just an ordinary soldier - I guess he was at least a 
Corporal, or above, to have such a stick!  :-)

>> IAMSAM, a moderator, decline to tell me, other than that it is being
>> paid for "by the forum owner".
> because it's none of your business.

Why do YOU care what *I* do, 'nospam? It's none of YOUR business.

>> You cannot change the truth. Anyone may read what he said at this link:-
>> https://www.photosh
> as you've been repeatedly told, that requires a login.

So? Log in! Easy.

>>>> and I am very pleased with the outcome.
>>> of course you are, because you mooched off of others.
>> I have neither the software nor the experience to achieve what other
>> folk have done.
> that's very true.

I'm not trying to deny anything.

>> The expression "off of" has always been used by those folk who are
>> ill-educated. You are showing your true colours now! :-P
> ad hominem.

Not applicable. You're a Troll! :-P

David B.