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"Whisky-dave"<> wrote

| Vanity Fair gives Oprah and Reese Witherspoon extra limbs

   Interesting. Also, the woman in the middle seems to
have had a leg airbrushed out to make her look
more lithe. It would be very tricky, to say the least,
to somehow keep her second high-heeled leg out
of sight behind 3" of dress fabric.
  And Harrison Ford looks old. Are we supposed to
believe that people in Hollywood age? How silly. :)

   Personally I've never liked the work of Annie Leibovitz.
This one is no exception. It's creepy and ominous.
A party you wouldn't want to be at.
  She has a knack for getting shots of people looking at
the camera, but there's always a cynical quality to
the images. As though she's criticizing, perhaps even
loathing, the subject. This one evokes a sense of
claustrophobia. Hollywood heroes trapped in miserable
  Many of her photos approach being clunky, cartoon
one-liners, like Whoopi Goldberg in a milk bath, or
Clint Eastwood tied up with a lasso.

   Just my opinion. I'm curious whether other people
think she's good.

  Retouching photos seems to be an obsessive activity
with the media. Maybe they get requests from subjects?
I saw a photo of politicians this week with one man who
had clearly had his cellphone removed. Several people
walking. A congressman. Maybe Chuck Schumer. I don't
remember. And next to him is a man looking at his
cellphone. Except the phone has been smudged out
and they put in a finger! I imagined a caption, as the
photo focused my attention on an empty hand with an
odd, extended finger:, "Chuckie! See if you can guess
the card I'm holding!"

  The story you linked says Vanity Fair claims Reese's
extra leg is actually the liner of her dress! The extra
leg can only be the middle one, given that the forward
leg's knee is showing through her dress. So their claim
is an embarssment. I can see why they might have
wanted that image, though. It makes Reese W. seem
like a floating mermaid; a pure blonde beauty supported
in the arms of the all-powerful Earth goddess Oprah.
Which is just the image the two portrayed onstage.
Reese cute-as-a-button, as wowwed disciple of Oprah
The Warm, Wise And Thunderous.