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Subject: Re: Renovation of a photograph
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Subject: Re: Renovation of a photograph
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On Jan 27, 2018, David B. wrote
(in article <Cr1bC.566129$9Z.475914@fx19.fr7>):

> On 24/01/2018 20:46, Savageduck wrote:
> [....]
> > It would have been nice to have that as a .TIFF, but no matter. Here is what
> > I came up with.
> >
> > <>
> Hi 'Savageduck'
> I wonder if you can deduce if my grandfather's cap badge looks like the
> one shown here:-
> I'd be grateful if you would take a look.

It would be difficult to confirm that, however, the cap badge does seem to 
have the shape of the DLI badge.

I would suggest that you have a few options to reseach that for yourself in 
the UK. This is your quest, not mine, and you are better located to do the 

Start with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, both web site, and/or 
offices. Then from the Wikipedia article you provided, the Durham County 
Records Office which seems to hold DLI archives might prove to be helpful. 
Also You could try and contact WWI historic organizations for service roster 
records.The Royal British Legion might be of some help.