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Subject: Re: Because I care about the friends I've made here!
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Subject: Re: Because I care about the friends Ive made here!
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On 28/01/2018 00:45, nospam wrote:
> In article <IU8bC.629289$SF3.526976@fx28.fr7>, David B.
><> wrote:
>>>>>> In article <yL1bC.797477$ll3.431890@fx12.fr7>, David B.
>>>>>><> wrote:
>>>>>>> Look what's been found!
>>>>>> that you're a troll who hasn't any clue about the crap he posts.
>>>>>>> https://www.virustot
>>>>>>> Views invited.
>>>>>> bad idea.
>>>>> Why?
>>>> because he's a troll who has a stick up his ass about mac malware and
>>>> doesn't understand the links he posts, even posting links that cause
>>>> harm to users and going so far as claiming that anti-malware utilities
>>>> actually install malware rather than remove it.
>>>> nothing is 100% secure, but unless people install unknown apps from
>>>> untrusted sources, there is essentially no risk for malware on the mac.
>>> That may be true. What you say about installing unknown apps, is true on
>>> PC's as well. The greedy guys who look for free, or low cost
>>> installation keys are only asking for a problem.
>> If you goes here [redacted] and install the software, how
>> can you be sure that you are going to be PROTECTING your Apple computer,
>> not INSTALLING malware?
> here we go again with the trolling.
>> Always wondering.
> and never learning.

If folk *LOG IN* here ....

They can read in the 'Comments' section ...

FYI, ClamXAV is *NOT* free!

Tell me, how can one be sure that if one downloads the "free trial" and 
installs the software, one isn't, in fact, loading malware ON to one's 
Apple computer?

Who checks to make sure that this doesn't happen?

The user of the computer might well remain totally unaware that anything 
may be amiss. Something to think about!


David B.