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Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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On Jan 27, 2018, Bill W wrote
(in article<>):

> On Sat, 27 Jan 2018 16:55:58 -0800 (PST), RichA<>
> wrote:
> > Then wear this latest novelty of the millenial generation. Remember "Google
> > Glass?"
> >
> >
> > -pro-photogs/
> "Was trained with the help of real professional photographers". Did
> everyone get that? *Real* pros, not fake pros. This sounds like a late
> night TV scam.

I am not a real professional photographer, but I play one for Google Clips.
> "Google then trained the AI on things like ... recognizing social
> norms (detecting social cues and people who are consenting to photos).
> Aha! So you won't get beat up after all...

Aah! It can ID a raised middle finger.
> The level of arrogance among these tech people is getting almost scary.

It will get worse as the mellennials entrench themselves into social media 
even more.