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Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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On Jan 29, 2018, android wrote
(in article<>):

> On 2018-01-30 04:24:41 +0000, Savageduck said:
> > I use both Skype and FaceTime to speak to friends, and family around the
> > USA, and all around the World. That way I don’t have the exorbitant costs of
> > international calls. If you are concerned about what the camera might reveal
> > of your squalor, you have the option of just using either app for voice only
> > calls.
> Gullible #1!

Of course.

I probably have my very own NSA contractor monitoring mydaily FaceTime calls 
to my 94 year old father, other family, and friends. That is provided they 
have got past Apple’s encryption, which they might well have, but are not 
telling Apple.

The black helicopters are probably headed my way as I type.