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Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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On Jan 30, 2018, David B. wrote
(in article <QhWbC.1153512$TX5.1021836@fx13.fr7>):

> On 30/01/2018 06:11, Savageduck wrote:
> > On Jan 29, 2018, Bill W wrote
> > (in article<>):
> >
> > > On Mon, 29 Jan 2018 21:26:14 -0800, Savageduck
> > > <savageduck1@{REMOVESPAM}>  wrote:
> > >
> > > > The black helicopters are probably headed my way as I type.
> > >
> > > Sent by David B.
> >
> > There isn’t enough foil in the World to deal with that problem.
> I'm really saddened that you feel that way. :-(

Don’t you get it? You come across as an extreme kook, and most of us 
don’t need extreme kookiness in our lives.
> I've never done anything to cause you harm.

With your cross posting into unrelated NGs drawing in folks with no interest 
in r.p.d., and infecting everything with your AV/malware obsession you have 
caused untolled harm to all of us who do not want to endure the disruption 
you bring to otherwise somewhat pleasant NGs. I don’t come here to endure 
your paranoia.
> The beauty of Usenet (well, the 'alt' groups anyway') is that there ARE
> no rules with which one has to comply. Of course you can have your
> opinion but I'm also free to express mine too.

....and if you stayed on topic for this NG that would be fine, but you insist 
on reverting to your old obsession, along with cross posting. For what it is 
worth I have given you the benefit of doubt a few times, and you don’t seem 
to be able to help yourself, so ultimately no good deed goes unpunished. All 
it takes is one or two benign, seemingly sincere posts and then you are back 
to your old M.O., and that reinforces everything other say about you.
> FWIW, I use a small piece of aluminium baking foil folded over the top
> of my iMacs which can easiliy be slid to one side when access to my
> camera is required.