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Subject: Re: New Bayer Sensor APS-C Cams from Fuji
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Subject: Re: New Bayer Sensor APS-C Cams from Fuji
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On Jan 31, 2018, android wrote
(in article<>):

> Could this be a precursor to a Bayer XT?
> <
> nced/>

For what it is the X-A5 + XC15-45mm, with a 24MP CMOS sensor, and a whole 
bunch of Fujifilm goodies, and ability to use all the X-mount lenses all for 
$600 makes this a pretty good entry into the mirrorless World for folks 
trying to keep costs down, or looking for lightweight kit.


As far as a Bayer X-T goes, that does not seem to be on the cards with the 
X-H1 (with OBIS) almost on us, and still using the 24MP X-Trans III. Then 
with the X-T3 to be announced in the third quarter of 2018, and speculated to 
have a new APS-C sensor somewhere between 24-30MP with no confirmation 
whether it will be X-Trans, or Bayer, but the concensus is it will be a new 
X-Trans IV(without OBIS).