Subject: Re: Fuji buys Xerox. The king is dead
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Subject: Re: Fuji buys Xerox. The king is dead
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On 2/1/2018 12:15 PM, Savageduck wrote:

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> fuji-help-nikon/>

Japan doesn't want a chinese or Korean company taking over Nikon.

Nikon is very late to mirrorless, which is where all the growth in 
high-value digital cameras is occurring. "Canon and Nikon have both 
dabbled in mirrorless cameras in recent years but have failed to create 
products that are competitive against the offerings of companies like 
Sony and Fujifilm." Unfortunately for Canon and Nikon, this is an 
industry where it can be fatal to be late because few people switch 
systems once they begin acquiring lenses and other accessories.

The Fuji-X series has now become the de-facto mirrorless standard for 
professionals. Nikon recently announced their new Z mount at CES, but 
there won't be much leverage there because existing F mount lenses can't 
be used without some kind of clunky adapter which professionals hate. 
The Nikon 1 mirrorless system has not taken off.

No one thought mirroless would displace SLRs so quickly but the size and 
weight advantages proved irresistible for a) non-studio photography 
(where size and weight don't matter) and b) sports, and wildlife 
photography where continuous auto-focus performance is better with the 
SLR, and an optical viewfinder is preferred. But for other professional 
use, like weddings, the size and weight advantages of mirrorless systems 
are overwhelming.