From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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From: Eric Stevens <>
Subject: Re: How badly do you want to get beaten up for crappy, inane video?
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On Thu, 01 Feb 2018 09:19:46 -0500, nospam<nospam@nospam.invalid>

>In article<>, Eric Stevens
><> wrote:
>> >> >> I think you're also forgetting that Spyder issue you had, and the file
>> >> >> permissions issues. 
>> >> >
>> >> >he's forgetting a lot of issues.
>> >> 
>> >> I am distinguishing between all problems I have had and those which
>> >> are purely attributable to Windows.
>> >
>> >they're all attributable to windows.
>> The Spyder ones certainly were not.
>yes they were, since the problems you describe don't happen on mac os.

I can't even remember what the problems were but I do know I only
experienced them with one version of hardware and sftware respectively
and that Spyder had a work around.
>> But Windows 2000 certainly didn't
>> make life easier. I think I saw more blue screens with that than all
>> other versions combined.
>then it did cause all sorts of issues, ones which you are ignoring.

Windows 2000? Launched in 1999. I'm ignoring them? Nonsense I've long
forgotten them.
>people *expect* windows to bluescreen, thinking it's normal. it's not.

I haven't had a blue screen since my initial days with XP.

With Windows 10 I have had a few externally caused experiences* which
which would munched Windows in the old days. But it always comes up
with a reboot although it sometimes takes a bit longer than usual.
* e.g. Power failure during a software upgrade with the UPS running
out of steam before the upgrade has finished.

>there are alternatives.


Eric Stevens