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Subject: Re: Fuji buys Xerox. The king is dead
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Subject: Re: Fuji buys Xerox. The king is dead
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On Feb 1, 2018, sms wrote
(in article <p50807$h4j$>):

> On 2/1/2018 12:15 PM, Savageduck wrote:
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> > fuji-help-nikon/>
> Japan doesn't want a chinese or Korean company taking over Nikon.
> Nikon is very late to mirrorless, which is where all the growth in
> high-value digital cameras is occurring. "Canon and Nikon have both
> dabbled in mirrorless cameras in recent years but have failed to create
> products that are competitive against the offerings of companies like
> Sony and Fujifilm." Unfortunately for Canon and Nikon, this is an
> industry where it can be fatal to be late because few people switch
> systems once they begin acquiring lenses and other accessories.
> The Fuji-X series has now become the de-facto mirrorless standard for
> professionals. Nikon recently announced their new Z mount at CES, but
> there won't be much leverage there because existing F mount lenses can't
> be used without some kind of clunky adapter which professionals hate.
> The Nikon 1 mirrorless system has not taken off.
> No one thought mirroless would displace SLRs so quickly but the size and
> weight advantages proved irresistible for a) non-studio photography
> (where size and weight don't matter) and b) sports, and wildlife
> photography where continuous auto-focus performance is better with the
> SLR, and an optical viewfinder is preferred. But for other professional
> use, like weddings, the size and weight advantages of mirrorless systems
> are overwhelming.

....and even that is rapidly changing. For studio work there is now the 
Fujifilm GFX50S with MF sensor, and some very good glass. When it comes to 
AF-S/AF-C and tracking, the X-T2, and X-E3 are not far behind DSLR 
performance, and in some comparisons, not all, might even be considered