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Subject: Re: New Bayer Sensor APS-C Cams from Fuji
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Subject: Re: New Bayer Sensor APS-C Cams from Fuji
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On 02/02/2018 16:09, Savageduck wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2018, newshound wrote
> (in article<>):
>> On 02/02/2018 00:08, Savageduck wrote:
>>> On Feb 1, 2018, newshound wrote
>>> (in article<>):
>>>> On 01/02/2018 04:19, Savageduck wrote:
>>>>> On Jan 31, 2018, android wrote
>>>>> (in article<>):
>>>>>> Could this be a precursor to a Bayer XT?
>>>>>> <
>>>>>> announced/>
>>>>> For what it is the X-A5 + XC15-45mm, with a 24MP CMOS sensor, and a whole
>>>>> bunch of Fujifilm goodies, and ability to use all the X-mount lenses all
>>>>> for
>>>>> $600 makes this a pretty good entry into the mirrorless World for folks
>>>>> trying to keep costs down, or looking for lightweight kit.
>>>>> <>
>>>>> As far as a Bayer X-T goes, that does not seem to be on the cards with the
>>>>> X-H1 (with OBIS) almost on us, and still using the 24MP X-Trans III. Then
>>>>> with the X-T3 to be announced in the third quarter of 2018, and speculated
>>>>> to have a new APS-C sensor somewhere between 24-30MP with no confirmation
>>>>> whether it will be X-Trans, or Bayer, but the concensus is it will be a
>>>>> new
>>>>> X-Trans IV(without OBIS).
>>>>> .
>>>> Nice to see the better macro capability. I'm still using a G10 for macro
>>>> instead of sticking a +3 on the X-E1.
>>> Which lenses are you using on your X-E1?
>> I have three zooms and an 18 mm; not the lens they used to claim as a
>> macro/portrait, I forget which that is, but it's not what I would call a
>> macro lens.
>>> When you speak of +3, are you refering to extension tubes?
>> No, close-up lens. Actually I meant +10, getting confused because I use
>> +3 on my glasses for close up work.
> You should get pretty good results with the extension tubes, otherwise there
> is always the new XF80.
>>> Have you considered upgrading your X-E1 to a new X-E3, the X-T20/X-T2, or
>>> even this new X-A5?
>> I'd certainly like an X-T2 body, and the long zoom (for sports) one of
>> these days.
>>> The new generation of X-series cameras are leaps, and bounds ahead the first
>>> generation such as your X-E1. I currently find myself owning an X-E2, an
>>> X-T2, and an X-E3, along with four Fujinon primes, and two zooms.
>> I realise they have improved a lot but I don't have unlimited funds. And
>> I still reckon the X-E1 and the original lenses are pretty good.
> You might have an opportunity for that X-T2 body near the end of the year
> after they announce/release the X-T3, and if the have a repeast of their
> discounts. I guess you were not able to take advantage of the discounts last
> year. There were some good deals on those long lenses the 50-140 &  the
> 100-400. That was my opportunity to pick up the XF16mm f/1.4 which is an
> absolutely amazing lens.

Didn't think the discounts were good enough last year, but certainly 
keeping my eyes open.