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Subject: This is The Usenet: Basic Usenet News and Facts
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From: android <here@there.was>
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Subject: This is The Usenet: Basic Usenet News and Facts
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2018 15:38:13 +0100
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This is The Usenet: Basic Usenet News and Facts

These link is posted with intention to facilitate for people that wants
the real Usenet, sometimes called News experience and avoid the Google
web interface.

Some basic primers:


Here you can find some software:


I would recommend the free Thunderbird client for inexperienced users:


Hook yourself up! Here are some free and premium NNTP/Usenet servers:



This free server seem to function consistently:


Note that free servers are paid by someone and that you might not know
their reasons for doing that.

Remember to be civil! The basic Netiquette for the Usenet is rather

Post as your parents, children, spouse,  minister or employer can read
it without you being embarrassed or sue.

If posting of topic then please use the traditional and conventional
"OT:" prefix.

Read the charters if in doubt what˙s apropriate for a certain group:


There are, of course more elaborate opinions on the subject but beyond
law and charters for different groups those are subject for debate. You
can find some of them here though:


Feel free to repost or bump this to any text group under any name but
mine as long as it's not altered.

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