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On 2/8/2018 10:03 AM, Mayayana wrote:
> "PeterN" <"peter,newdelete"> wrote
> | I have had few issues with Win7. I have had password issues with the
> | Chrome browser, when I change passwords.
> |
>    I've never tried that. I don't use anything that
> Google have had their hands on. Too slimy. But
> watch out this week. There was a bug. I don't
> know if it's fixed yet. Sites are crashing/freezing
> Chrome by using a javascript bug to trick it
> into masive downloads. On the bright side it seems
> to be used as part of a scam rather than a direct
> attack. As in, "Bad guys have attacked your
> browser. Click here or call to get it fixed."

I always get a similar message if I use AOL web-mail. However the 
message comes from AOL. I am weaning myself away from AOL, and giving 
important people my new addy.