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Subject: Re: Lightroom Classic CC problem
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From: "Mayayana" <mayayana@invalid.nospam>
Subject: Re: Lightroom Classic CC problem
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"PeterN" <"peter,newdelete"> wrote

| > attack. As in, "Bad guys have attacked your
| > browser. Click here or call to get it fixed."
| >
| I always get a similar message if I use AOL web-mail. However the
| message comes from AOL.

  Well, I suppose AOL could be considered a kind of malware. :)

| I am weaning myself away from AOL, and giving
| important people my new addy.
  I have a brother who still uses AOL. Actually
I know a lot of people who still use it. It's
not as tacky as hotmail or yahoo. (How has a
company called "yahoo" lasted so long?) And
it's probably not as intrusive as gmail.

  Have you considered having your own domain?
It doesn't cost much and you can get dozens
of email addresses, with any name you like. You
don't have to be petern1234567abcd@gmail